Body Mind Wellness

Body Mind Wellness was created in response to the shift of the North American workplace, from demanding physical-labor jobs to office jobs. In order to be healthy workers need to find ways to stay active and to be self aware of their health.
That shift has caused the average worker to burn 120 to 140 fewer calories a day compared with half a century ago. Add that up over several years' time, and it's easy to see how someone could add an extra pound a year just because of a sedentary work environment.Lucy Beale presented speeches on the subject of Body, Mind, &Wellness. Her suggestions work no matter what your age or income and they will work throughout your life. To get the CD and the message click here.
Heal the Cause is an excellent step by step guide to help you identify the major areas that affect your wellness and set you on the path towards inner and outer wellness. To get the book click here.
For now, here are eight ways you can expend more calories at work, without having to punch out to go punch out at the gym:
Mini Stepper
Up She Goes!
  •  Take the stairs once in a while. OK, this is an obvious one, but add this twist: When you walk up or down, step sideways. Then on the return trip, face the other direction. Walking straight ahead is great for the quadriceps muscles, as well as the hamstrings and the glutes, but walking sideways also works the inner and outer thighs, says Tammy Niemann, a personal trainer. However, if you still find that you need more exercise then try this Mini Stepper Exercise. It's a very practical and transportable. Click Here!
  • Stability Ball
  •  Sit on a bouncy stability ball instead of a desk chair. "Swapping out the chair, even for an hour or a half-hour, instead of resting back and slouching, is going to force you to have to engage your core muscles," Niemann said. To get your bouncy stability ball. Click here!
Mind Your Own Wellness
  • Park a few blocks away from the office.
  •  Talk to co-workers face-to face instead of e-mailing or IM'ing.
  •  Take a brisk walk outside, either before or during your shift. "Circle the building once or twice," Niemann said. "Gets the juices flowing, and makes you able to to think more clearly." Be mindful of your own wellness.

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