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Introducing Healing Rhythms, the first guided training program that brings together the most prominent leaders in the field of health and wellness - Doctors Deepak Chopra, Dean Ornish and Andrew Weil. Together with Healing Rhythms beautifully interactive 15-Step Guided Training Program, you will learn the tools to build a happier, more grounded life at

stress releif training software and meditation.Super OEM Bundle Pack
Super Bundle Pack - Own Everything!

If you want everything WildDivine has to offer, this is for you. Includes our flagship 15 Step Guided Program Relaxing Rhythms (previously known as Healing Rhythms), along with the original ‘best seller’ The Passage: Journey to the Wild Divine, acclaimed expansion pack Wisdom Quest, and the add-on software The Grapher.
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Here you will find self-help downloads and software to get in touch with your inner self, eliminate stress and build confidence, and much more.

Deep Relaxation for Inner Health & Wellness

Mental & Emotional wellness :Unlock the beautiful power of
your calm mind with guided relaxation, stories, music and natural sounds. Self-help for better mental & emotional wellness
We've been in the business of making guided meditations for over 30 years! We've sold well over 100,000 copies of our recordings in cassette and CD form, and now in downloads. And we've helped and been thanked by many, many people over the years! Our founder, Max Highstein, has created dozens of guided meditations, always of the highest  quality. Please check out our Meditainment downloads library

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The Healing Waterfall Your source for quality guided imagery and guided meditation programs. Listen to generous free samples of every inner journey, and purchase MP3 downloads quickly and easily. Click Here!

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